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Pgs 181-189 development of the Atmosphere


1.      What do space suits do for astronauts?

2.      What was Earth’s atmosphere like 4 billion years ago?

3.      What happened 3.8 billion years ago to change the atmosphere?

4.      What happened to the hydrogen?

5.      How did the ozone form?

6.      What does the ozone layer do for the earth?

7.      Where did the oxygen come from?

8.      When did the composition of the Earth’s atmosphere level off?

9.      What is the air made of?

10.  What is nitrogen used for?

11.  What are nitrogen fixing bacteria?

12.  What is oxygen used for?

13.  What is carbon dioxide used for?

14.  Where is the extra carbon dioxide coming from?

15.  Why is this dangerous?

16.  What weather conditions are caused by water vapor?

17.  What weather is caused by water droplets?

18.  List three places the dust in the air comes from.