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Pgs 191-198 Layers of the Atmosphere


1.      What changes in the atmosphere as the distance from the surface of the Earth changes?

2.      How fast does the temperature change as you go up a mountain?

3.      How do they divide the atmosphere into layers?

4.      What causes air pressure?

5.      Where is 99% of the Earths atmosphere?

6.      What is the Troposphere?

7.      How thick is the troposphere?

8.      What are convection currents?

9.      What is the tropopause?

10.  Where is the stratosphere?

11.  What is the temperature of the stratosphere?

12.  What is the jet stream?

13.  What is ozone?

14.  What does the ozone layer do?

15.  How does ozone change the temperature of th stratosphere?

16.  Where is the mesosphere?

17.  What is the mesosphere like?

18.  Where is the thermosphere?

19.  How can it be high temperature but not have much heat?

20.  What is the ionosphere?

21.  How do ions form?

22.  How does radio use the ionosphere?

23.  What is the exosphere?