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Oceans and Ocean Water pp. 207 -214


1.      What will we learn about in this chapter?

2.      How much of the earth surface is covered in water?

3.      What are the three major oceans?

4.      What is the difference between an ocean and a sea?

5.      Which ocean is

a.       the largest?

b.      the smallest?

c.       the deepest?

6.      How does salt water turn to fresh water?

7.      What happens to the water that falls as rain?

8.      What is ocean water?

9.      What is the most common salt in ocean water?

10.  What is salinity?

11.  How do volcanoes add to the ocean water?

12.  How does erosion add to the ocean water?

13.  How do waves add to the ocean water?

14.  Why does salinity vary?

15.  Why do warm oceans have a higher salinity?

16.  Why does cold water have a higher salinity?

17.  How do animals change salinity?

18.  What gases are dissolved in ocean water?

19.  Why is dissolved carbon dioxide important?

20.  Why is dissolved oxygen important?

21.  How does temperature affect dissolved gases?

22.  What is the surface zone?

23.  In the surface zone, how does temperature change with depth?

24.  What is the thermocline?

25.  Why does the thermocline exist?

26.  What is the deep zone?

27.  Why arenít there three zones in the Arctic and Antarctic oceans?