Earth Science Reading Questions 6.3 Name ____________________________________

The Ocean Floor pp. 215 222

1.      What is topography?

2.      Compare the ocean floor to the continents.

3.      What is a shoreline?

4.      Where is the edge of a continent?

5.      What are the three parts of a continental margin?

6.      What is the continental shelf and how steep is it?

7.      Why do countries include the continental shelf as part of their boundaries?

8.      What is a continental slope?

9.      What is the continental rise?

10.  What builds the continental rise?

11.  What are submarine canyons?

12.  What are abyssal plains?

13.  What are the two reasons for the difference in size?

14.  What makes up an abyssal plain?

15.  What are seamounts?

16.  What causes seamounts?

17.  What are guyots?

18.  How do guyots form?

19.  Where are trenches found?

20.  What are midocean ridges

21.  How do midocean ridges form?

22.  What are rift valleys?

23.  What are coral reefs?

24.  Where are they found?

25.  What are the three types of reefs?