Earth Science Reading Questions 3.2††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Name ____________________________________

Pages 96-99


1.     What did people first use the sky for?

2.     What did they notice about how the stars moved?

3.     Where did the word planet come from?

4.     What is an orbit?

5.     How did Ptolemy describe the universe?

6.     What did Copernicus say happened to the planets?

7.     How did Johannes Kepler change Copernicusí theory?

8.     What is inertia?

9.     Why donít planets move in a straight line?

10. What two things determine a planets path?

11. What does revolve mean?

12. What is a year?

13. What is ratoation?

14. What is a day on each planet?