Earth Science Reading Questions 3.3.2†††††††††††††††††††††††† Name ____________________________________

The outer planets pages 110-122


1.      How big is Jupiter?

2.      How is Jupiter like the sun?

3.      What is the atmosphere of Jupiter like?

4.      What is the red spot?

5.      What makes Jupiterís Magnetic Field?

6.      How much energy does the Jupiter give off?

7.      How many moons does Jupiter have?

8.      Why does Io have a young surface?

9.      What does Europa look like?

10.  How big is Ganymede?

11.  What do the craters on the surface of Callisto tell scientists?

12.  What are the rings of Saturn like?

13.  What is the density of Saturn?

14.  How many moons does Saturn have?

15.  Why do scientists think life is possible on Titan?

16.  How is Uranus different form Saturn and Jupiter?

17.  Where s there water on Uranus?

18.  How does Uranus rotate?

19.  How many moons does Uranus have?

20.  How did they find Neptune?

21.  How is Neptune like Uranus?

22.  What is different about Triton?

23.  How did they find Pluto?

24.  What is Pluto like?

25.  Why do they call Pluto a double planet?