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Determine a method of answering the following questions. Make a data table for recording information. Remember you donít put chemicals directly on the balance, and you estimate to the second decimal place off the balance. After you have recorded the data, describe how you went about answering the other questions.


1.      How much does one grain of rice weigh?

2.      How much does 10 grains of rice weigh?

3.      How much does 100 grains of rice weigh?

4.      How much does 500 grains of rice weigh?

5.      How much does 1000 grains of rice weigh?

6.      How much does one million grains of rice weigh?

7.      How much does one mole of rice weigh?

8.      How much does 1 pea weigh?

9.      How much do 10 peas weigh?

10.  How much do 100 peas weigh?

11.  How much do 500 peas weigh?

12.  How much do 1000 peas weigh?

13.  How much do one million peas weigh?

14.  How much does mole of peas weigh?


Data Table














Describe how you came up with the answers to the questions above