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Atomic Structure Pp. 70 – 76


1.      What are the three objective of this section?

2.      Where did the word “atom” come from?

3.      Why wasn’t Democritus’s theory accepted?

4.      What are the three points of Dalton’s Atomic Theory?

5.      What are atoms?

6.      What is the nucleus?

7.      How are protons and neutrons alike?

8.      How are protons and neutrons different?

9.      What is an electron?

10.  Where are electrons, protons, and neutrons located?

11.  What is unique to each element?

12.  Why don’t atoms have a charge?

13.  Why has the model of the atom been revised over the years?

14.  How Did Bohr describe the atom?

15.  What is an energy level?

16.  How do electrons gain energy?

17.  How do they lose energy?

18.  How is the location of electrons like the blades of a fan?

19.  What is an orbital?

20.  Describe an s orbital.

21.  How many electrons can an s orbital hold?

22.  Describe a p orbital

23.  How many electrons can a p orbital hold?

24.  How many shapes do d and f orbitals have?

25.  Which energy level do electrons occupy?

26.  Put the orbitals in order of increasing energy?

27.  What is a valence electron