Reading Questions 5.1                                                  Name __________________________________

The Nature of Chemical Reactions Pp. 147 – 153


1.      What was oil refined to make before 1900?

2.      Write the four chapter objectives here:





3.      What does food react with in your body?

4.      What compound do you exhale?

5.      When yeast and sugar react together, what is formed?

6.      What gives sourdough bread its tangy flavor?

7.      Look at Figure 5-1.  What are the three signs shown that indicate a chemical reaction is taking place in each picture?




8.      What makes dough rise?

9.      Chemical reactions of what two molecules causes bread to brown?

10.  A change in color almost always indicates what?

11.  What is the chemical formula of octane?

12.  Products and reactants contain the same types of what?

13.  What is always conserved in chemical reactions?

14.  Chemical reactions need what to get started?

15.  What kind of bond holds two oxygen molecules together?

16.  Energy can be transferred as:





17.  What are the reactants in Figure 5-4?

18.  What are the products in Figure 5-4?

19.  What is the energy created in this reaction used for?

20.  What is the stored energy of a reaction called?

21.  Reactions that release energy are called __________________________.

22.  What happens to the environment after this kind of reaction?

23.  Where does the energy come from?

24.  Read “Real World Applications” at the bottom of page 151. 

a.       What kind of metal is the alloy?

b.      What is added to this metal to make it react?

c.       What happens when the liquid is added to the alloy?

d.      How much heat is created in this reaction?

25.  Reactions that absorb energy are called __________________________.

26.  Why does the surface of the flask freeze when barium hydroxide and ammonium nitrate are added together?

27.  What will you sometimes notice when an endothermic reaction occurs?

28.  Copy and label Figure 5-5.

Text Box: Chemical Energy Text Box: Chemical Energy







Exothermic reaction


Endothermic reaction


29.  Plants use energy from the sun, water, and carbon dioxide to produce what?

30.  What is this reaction called?

31.  What type of reaction is it?


32.  Read Figure 5-7.  What is this energy releasing reaction this firefly is doing called?

33.  Copy the five summary points here: