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Solutions and Other Mixtures Pp. 186-190


1.      What are the three objective of this section?

2.      How are mixtures different from substances?

3.      What is a heterogeneous mixture?

4.      What is a suspension?

5.      How big are particles in a suspension?

6.      What is a colloid?

7.      Why doesn’t a colloid settle?

8.      What are immiscible liquids?

9.      How do you make mayonnaise?

10.  What is an emulsion?

11.  What is a homogenous mixture?

12.  What does uniform mean?

13.  What is a solution?

14.  What are the parts of a solution?

15.  Give examples of solutions that are not solids in a liquid?

16.  What is miscible?

17.  Why is it hard to separate miscible liquids?

18.  How does distillation work?

19.  What is chromatography?