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Dissolving and Solubility Pp. 192-198


1.      What are the four objective of this section?

2.      How does water dissolve sugar?

3.      How does surface area affect how fast solutes dissolve?

4.      Why does breaking a solid increase how fast it dissolves?

5.      Why does shaking or stirring make a solute dissolve faster?

6.      Why does a solute dissolve faster in hot water?

7.      What do soluble and insoluble mean?

8.      What does it mean when we say water is polar?

9.      What does the Greek letter delta (d) mean?

10.  Why does water dissolve sodium chloride easily?

11.  Why does methanol dissolve in water?

12.  What does the like in “like dissolves like” mean?

13.  What is concentration?

14.  What is the difference between dilute and concentrated solutions?

15.  What is the difference between a saturated and an unsaturated solution?

16.  What is solubility?

17.  How do you make a supersaturated solution?

18.  List three ways you measure concentration?

19.  What is a 1 molar solution?