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Acids and Bases, in the Home Pp. 207-212


1.      What are the three objective of this section?

2.      Why doesn’t water remove grease or oil?

3.      What makes soaps good cleaners?

4.      How are soaps made?

5.      Describe a soap molecule?

6.      How does soap remove grease?

7.      What is hard water?

8.      How does hard water react with soaps?

9.      How are detergents different from soaps?

10.  How does ammonia clean greasy dirt?

11.  What makes bleach a disinfectant?

12.  Why is bleach slippery?

13.  How does bleach remove stains?

14.  What are antacid?

15.  What are shampoos made from?

16.  Why is pH important for shampoos?

17.  List three uses for acids in the kitchen?

18.  List two uses for bases in the kitchen