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Newtonís Law of Motion pp. 268-274


1.      What are the five objectives of this section?

2.      What is motion related to?

3.      What is Newtonís first law of motion?

4.      How do you feel Newtonís first law when a car stops?

5.      What is inertia?

6.      What does it take to accelerate a larger mass?

7.      What happens when the net force isnít zero?

8.      What is Newtonís second law of motion in words?

9.      What is Newtonís second law of motion as an equation?

10.  How can the same force cause different accelerations?

11.  What happens if you increase the force?

12.  What units is force measured in?

13.  What is a newton?

14.  Compare the size of a newton and a pound.

15.  What is free-fall?

16.  What is g?

17.  How do things accelerate at the surface of the earth?

18.  Why do all objects have the same free-fall acceleration?

19.  What is weight?

20.  What is apparent weightlessness?

21.  How is weight different from mass?

22.  When do you reach terminal velocity?

23.  What are the action and reaction forces?

24.  What is Newtonís third law of motion?

25.  How does Newtonís third law explain how rockets move?