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Motion pp. 252-258


1.      What are the four objectives of this section?

2.      When is an object moving?

3.      What is a reference frame?

4.      What is speed?

5.      What do you have to measure to find speed?

6.      What are the units?

7.      How do you get the speed from a distance versus time graph?

8.      How does a graph tell you about which object is moving faster?

9.      How do you calculate average speed?

10.  What doesn’t the average speed tell you?

11.  How is velocity different from speed?

12.  What two ways can you change velocity?

13.  How can a car have a constant speed but change velocity?

14.  Why is a car harder to stop than a train?

15.  What two things affect momentum?

16.  How is momentum calculated?

17.  How is momentum like velocity?

18.  What two ways can you increase momentum?

19.  What does it mean that momentum is conserved?

20.  What happens to the cars if they stick together in a collision?