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Acceleration pp. 259-262


1.      What are the four objectives of this section?

2.      What is acceleration?

3.      What do you need to measure to find acceleration?

4.      How do you calculate the acceleration?

5.      What does Dv mean?

6.      What units is acceleration measured in?

7.      What does it mean is an object has a small acceleration?

8.      What does negative acceleration mean?

9.      List three ways you can accelerate in a car?

10.  How can you use a graph to find velocity?

11.  How can you use a graph to find acceleration?

12.  What does a straight line graph mean?

13.  How does the slope tell you if something is speeding up or slowing down?

14.  What is the accelerations of a constant velocity?

15.  How can the two graphs in figure 8.6 both show a constant velocity?

16.  What happens to a carís braking distance when you double the speed?