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Force pp. 262-267


1.      What is force?

2.      What is net force?

3.      Which way does an object accelerate?

4.      How do you know if a tug of war is a balanced force?

5.      What is an unbalanced force?

6.      What happens to a tug of war if the forces are unbalanced?

7.      How do you know that a rolling car has a force acting on it?

8.      What is friction?

9.      Why do you have to apply a force to a car to keep it moving?

10.  When are frictional forces large?

11.  How can you make frictional forces smaller?

12.  What is air resistance?

13.  What affects the amount of air resistance?

14.  What is gravity?

15.  How is gravity different from friction?

16.  What two things affect gravity?

17.  How does gravity change as the distance increases?