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Types of Waves pp. 356-364


  1. List the objectives of this section
  2. How does a leaf on the water move when a wave goes by?
  3. How do water drops move when a wave passes?
  4. What does move when a wave passes?
  5. What is a medium?
  6. What is the medium for sound and an earthquake wave?
  7. What are mechanical waves?
  8. How is light a wave?
  9. What is an electromagnetic wave?
  10. How can a wave do work?
  11. What is a wave front?
  12. Why is sound quieter the farther you get away?
  13. How does a singer create waves?
  14. How do you sense sound?
  15. In what two ways does a weight on a spring have potential energy?
  16. When does a weight on a spring have kinetic energy?
  17. Why do cars need shock absorbers?
  18. What is damped harmonic motion?
  19. Where do surface waves occur?
  20. How do the particles in an ocean wave move?