Reading Questions 13.2                                                            Name ____________________________________

Electric Charge and Force pp.437-445


  1. List the objectives of this section.
  2. What does electric potential energy depend on?
  3. What is potential difference?
  4. What is a volt?
  5. What does a cell do?
  6. What are the parts of an electrochemical cell?
  7. What is current?
  8. What is an ampere?
  9. What is direct current?
  10. How does the book define the direction current?
  11. Why are different bulbs different brightness?
  12. What causes resistance?
  13. What happens to the moving electrons when they collide?
  14. What does resistance indicate?
  15. How is resistance calculated?
  16. What unit is resistance calculated?
  17. What is a resistor?
  18. What makes a good conductor?
  19. What are superconductors?
  20. What does grounding an object do?
  21. What is a semiconductor?