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Circuits pp.446-452


  1. List the objectives of this section.
  2. What is an electrical circuit?
  3. What does the battery do in a circuit?
  4. How is an open circuit different from a closed circuit?
  5. What does a switch do to the circuit?
  6. What is the advantage of a schematic diagram?
  7. What is a series circuit?
  8. What is the current like in a series circuit?
  9. What happens if you remove one of the lights in a series circuit?
  10. What is a parallel circuit?
  11. What is the same in a parallel circuit?
  12. What happens if you remove one of the lights in a parallel circuit?
  13. What happens to the energy of a moving charge?
  14. What is electrical power?
  15. How is power calculated?
  16. What is the unit of power?
  17. What is a kilowatt-hour?
  18. What is an overloaded circuit?
  19. What can an overloaded circuit cause?
  20. What is a short circuit?
  21. How do fuses protect a circuit?
  22. How does a circuit beaker protect a circuit?