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Magnets and Magnetic Fields pp. 461-467


  1. List the objectives of this section.
  2. What does the magnet do in the alarm switch?
  3. Where did magnets get their name?
  4. How do you change a nail into a permanent magnet?
  5. Why is the term permanent magnet misleading?
  6. How is a soft magnetic material different from a hard magnetic material?
  7. What happens to the nails when you stick a magnet into a pile of nails?
  8. What limits how long the chain of nails can be?
  9. What are magnetic poles?
  10. What happens when like poles are brought together?
  11. What happens when unlike poles are brought together?
  12. What happens to the poles if you cut a magnet in half?
  13. What does the vocabulary tip tell you about how pole is used in physics?
  14. What three forces act at a distance?
  15. What is a magnetic field?
  16.  What are magnetic field lines?
  17. How do you use magnetic field lines to indicate that a field is stronger?
  18. Which way does a compass point compared to field lines?
  19. Where are the Earth’s two magnetic poles?
  20. What do researchers think causes the earth’s magnetic field?
  21. What type of magnetic pole is found in Antarctica?