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Magnetism from Electric Currents Pp 468-473

  1. List the objectives of this section.
  2. What did Oersted find?
  3. Which way does a compass point near a current carrying wire?
  4. What is the right hand rule?
  5. What should you do to be safe?
  6. How can you increase the force of a current?
  7. How does a solenoid increase the strength of a magnetic field?
  8. What two things affect the strength of the magnetic field in a solenoid?
  9. What is an electromagnet?
  10. What causes the magnetic field in an atom?
  11. What is a domain?
  12. How are the domains arranged in a magnetized piece of iron?
  13. What is a galvanometer?
  14. Why does a galvanometer turn?
  15. What is an electric motor?
  16. What are the parts of an electric motor?
  17. Why does the motor keep turning?
  18. What are the parts of a speaker?
  19. What makes the cone move in a speaker?