Chapter 14 Vocabulary                                                           Name ______________________________________

Complete the following statements by writing the correct term in the space provided.

1. The magnetic force of a magnet is strongest at the .______________________

2. The magnetic region around a magnet is called its ._______________________

3. Microscopic magnetic regions in magnets are called .______________________

4. When all of the domains in a material are arranged in the same direction, the material becomes a(n) ._______________

5. A device that takes advantage of the earth’s magnetic field and is used to determine direction is a(n) _______________

6. A device made by placing a bar of soft iron inside a wire coil is called a(n)._________________

7. The process of inducing a current by moving a magnetic field through a wire coil is called _____________________

8. What is a magnetic pole?



9. In the space provided, draw the magnetic field of a bar magnet. Label the poles.





10. How can a piece of iron become magnetized?



11. What happens if a bar magnet is allowed to move freely at the end of a string? What can you infer about the earth from the behavior of the magnet?






11. Predict what will happen if the iron bars in Figure 1 are brought near one another.





12. Predict what will happen if the iron bars in Figure 2 are brought near one another.









Figure 1 Two Bar Magnets






Figure 2 Two Bar Magnets

13. How can a compass, wires, and a dry cell be used to show that electricity produces magnetism?







14. Explain how to use a dry cell, an iron nail, and a coil of wire to make a magnet that can be turned on and off.