Chemistry Cloze Activity                                                    Name ________________________________

Directions: The following passages are from your textbook. Fill in each blank with the word that you think best completes the passage.

In autumn thousands of visitors travel to New England to view vivid colors like those in Figure 1.1. These colors appear as ________________________ trees approach the winter ________________________ when growth no longer ________________ place. The bright pigments ________________________ produced by a complex ________________________ process, which depends on ________________________ in temperature and ________________ of daylight. The color ________________________ in leaves are an ________________________ of matter. Matter is ________________________ general term for all ________________________ things that can be ________________________ as materials, or “stuff.” ________________________ is anything that has ________________________ and occupies space. You ________________________ have to be ________________________ to see something for ________________________ to qualify as matter. The air you breathe is an example of “invisible” matter.

The burning of coal, petroleum, and natural gas is a major source of energy These materials are called ________________ fuels because they formed ________________ the remains of ancient  ________________ and animals. Scientists are  ________________ looking for new sources  ________________ energy because the supply  ________________ fossil fuels is limited. ________________ intriguing possibility is fuels  ________________ from plants. Oil from  ________________ soybeans shown in Figure 1.8  ________________ used to make biodiesel. Regular  ________________ fuel is a petroleum product  ________________ produces an irritating black  ________________ when it burns. When biodiesel burns, the exhaust smells like French fries!


Figure 1.19 shows how scientific experiments can lead to laws as well as theories. A scientific law is ________________ concise statement that summarizes ________________ results of many observations ________________ experiments. In Chapter 14, you ________________ study laws that describe ________________ gases behave. One law ________________ the relationship between the ________________ of a gas in ________________ container and its temperature. ________________ all other variables are ________________ constant, the volume of ________________ gas increases as the ________________ increases. The law doesn’t ________________ to explain the relationship ________________ describes. That explanation requires a theory.