Earth Science Reading Questions 2.1                                       Name ____________________________________

Pages 47-57


1.       Where did most astronomers believe the sun was?

2.       How did Harlow Shapley determine where the sun was in the universe?

3.       What is each star you see in the night sky?

4.       How can you see more stars?

5.       Why would your trip require you to travel at faster than the speed of light?

6.       What is a binary star?

7.       Why does Algol change brightness?

8.       What is a constellation?

9.       What is a nova?

10.   How are the two types of star clusters different?

11.   Why do you need to put on a special pair of glasses?

12.   What is a nebula?

13.   What is a galaxy?

14.   What are the three types of galaxy?

15.   What is the Milky Way?

16.   Describe the Milky Way.

17.   Which way and how fast is the Milky Way rotate?