Earth Science Reading Questions 2.2                                       Name ____________________________________

Pages 58-64


1.       What do the different types of telescopes detect?

2.       What does a spectroscope do?

3.       What does the spectrum of a star tell you about the star?

4.       What does wavelength have to do with color?

5.       What causes a blue shift?

6.       What causes a red shift?

7.       What is the Doppler effect?

8.       Answer the two questions in the “Activity Thinking” section on page 60.

9.       What did astronomers discover about the shift of the galaxies?

10.   What did this tell them about the universe?

11.   What is the big-bang theory?

12.   What is background radiation?

13.   What caused matter to form into clumps?

14.   What is an open universe?

15.   What is a closed universe?

16.   What are quasars?

17.   What is the mystery of quasars?

18.   How are astronomers looking back in time?