Earth Science Reading Questions 2.3                                       Name ____________________________________

Pages 64-73

1.       How can stars be different from each other?

2.       Answer the question in Figure 2-20

3.       What size is our sun compared to other stars?

4.       How big are medium sized stars?

5.       How big are giant stars?

6.       How big are super Giant stars

7.       How big are White Dwarf stars?

8.       How big are neutron stars?

9.       How does a spectroscope tell us what stars are made of?

10.   What are stars made of?

11.   How do they determine the surface temperature of stars?

12.   How does the surface temperature compare to the temperature of the core?

13.   What temperature are the hottest and coldest stars?

14.   What three things determine how bright a light looks?

15.   What is the difference between apparent and absolute magnitude?

16.   What are Cepheid variables?

17.   What does the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram show?

18.   What are main sequence stars?

19.   What is parallax?

20.   How far away can it be used to measure stars?

21.   What do they doe if it si furher away?

22.   How do they measure how far away stars that are more than 7 million light-years are?

23.   What is nuclear fusion?

24.   What happens to the missing mass?