Earth Science Reading Questions 2.4                                        Name ____________________________________

Pages 74-78

1.       Compare the sun to other stars.

2.       How big is the sun?

3.       How many layers does the sun have?

4.       What is the corona?

5.       What temperature is the corona?

6.       Why could a spaceship pass safely through the corona?

7.       What is the chromosphere?

8.       What is the photosphere?

9.       What is the core?

10.   What is the range of temperatures in the core?

11.   How does the suns activity compare to other stars?

12.   What is a solar prominence?

13.   How big are prominences?

14.   What is a solar flare?

15.   What is the solar wind?

16.   How does the solar wind effect us?

17.   What are sunspots?

18.   What causes sunspots?

19.   How do astronomers know that the sun rotates?