Earth Science Reading Questions 2.5                                       Name ____________________________________

Pages 78-85

1.       What does evolution mean?

2.       When did the earth form?

3.       Where did our sun come from?

4.       Where do new stars come from?

5.       How does a protostar form?

6.       What decides the life cycle of a star?

7.       What does hydrogen turn into in a star?

8.       When does a red giant form?

9.       When do carbon atoms form?

10.   What does a red giant turn into?

11.   What determines how long will a white dwarf last?

12.   How are massive stars like medium sized stars?

13.   What happens in the core of a massive star?

14.   What is a supernova?

15.   What happens to iron atoms from a supernova?

16.   Why do scientists believe that our sun and planets were formed from the nebula from a supernova?

17.   What makes a neutron star?

18.   What makes a pulsar?

19.   What happens to stars

20.   How do scientists find black holes

21.   What happens inside a black hole?