Know Your Earth Science Book                                               Name ___________________________________


1. What is the title of your book?

2. Find the table of contents and answer the following questions use it.

a)      How many different Units are there?

b)      What are the titles of the 6 units?

c)      How many different chapters?

d)      Which chapter has the most sections

e)      Where will you find the Reference Section?

f)        List the things will you find in the Reference Section?

3. Turn to page xvi and answer this question. What is a concept map?

4. Read the Guide for Reading on page 6. What are the objectives?

5. Turn to the end of section 1.1 on page 11. Which questions in the "Check and Explain" questions are related to the Guide for Reading for section 1.1?

6. Turn to the end of chapter 1. What do you find there?

7. Why are there questions at the end of the chapter?

8. Turn to the glossary on page 804. What information do you get besides the definition of each word?

Read Section 1.4 and answer the following questions.

1.      What is a telescope?

2.      What is a refracting telescope?

3.      How do you make a better refracting telescope?

4.      What is a reflecting telescope?

5.      Why are reflecting telescopes better than refracting telescopes?

6.      What is a multiple mirror telescope?

7.      What is the Keck telescope like?

8.      What are the parts of the electromagnetic spectrum?

9.      Describe a radio telescope.

10.  Why are infrared and ultraviolet telescopes on satellites?

11.  What do X-ray telescopes like Uhuru tell us about stars?

12.  What is the Hubble Space Telescope?