Reading Questions 10.2 Name ____________________________________

Energy Transfer pp. 331-338


  1. List the 3 objectives of this section.
  2. What is conduction?
  3. What happens to atoms when heat is conducted?
  4. Why does air move upward when heated?
  5. What is convection?
  6. Why arent solids involved in convection?
  7. What is a convection current?
  8. What are several types of electromagnetic waves?
  9. What is radiation?
  10. How is radiation different from conduction and convection?
  11. What is a conductor?
  12. Why are gases poor conductors?
  13. What types of materials are good conductors?
  14. What is an insulator?
  15. What is specific heat?
  16. What do the units J/kg K mean?
  17. Why is the concrete hotter than the pool?
  18. What is the equation for specific heat?